Nuclear envelope dynamics

Project participants

Philippe Collas, Thomas Germier, Louise Petersen, Julia Madsen-Østerbye, Mohamed Abdelhalim; collaborations with Coen Campsteijn and with Sebastian Schuck (Heidelberg)


Image: the nuclear envelope with bound heterochromatin, and 3D chromatin modeling at the nuclear periphery - TEM and Chrom3D modeling images

Ongoing research

  • Nuclear envelope reassembly after mitosis
  • Regulation of nuclear envelope interactions with chromatin through LADs and punctual sites
  • Impacts of lamin A mutations causing lipodystrophic laminopathies on nuclear envelope integrity, lamina-chromatin interactions, chromatin integrity and (adipose) cell fate

Our work relies on mechanistic cell biology studies, including fixed- and live-cell microscopy, genomics, functional and proteomics approaches using cell lines and primary cells.

Recent findings

  • High-order rearrangement of chromatin domains when disrupting lamin-chromatin contacts