About us

Principal  Investigator

Philippe Collas, PhD, Professor



Project leaders

Nolwenn Briand, PhD, Researcher - Adipose tissue biology


Thomas Sæther, PhD, Associate Professor - Transcription regulation



The team

 Sumithra Taraldsen - Administrative Assistant

 Anita L. Sørensen, MSc - Principal Engineer

 Kristin Vekterud, BSc - Principal Engineer

 Mohamed Abdelhalim, PhD - Bioinformatics Engineer

 Aurélie Bellanger, PhD - Postdoc

 Natalia Galigniana, PhD - Postdoc

 Julia Madsen-Østerbye, PhD - Postdoc

Damien Dufour, PhD - Postdoc

 Sarah Hazell Pickering, BSc (Hons) - PhD student

... and 45 alumni


Our lab retreats

Every two years we go on a retreat somewhere in Europe where one us is from or has family, mixing science, outdoors activities, and good food...