About us

About us

The CollasLab

The CollasLab is interested in unraveling epigenetic states that set differentiation potential in adult stem cells, and features of architecture that are linked to the differentiation capacity of stem cells.


Prof. Philippe Collas

Project leaders

Nolwenn Briand, PhD - Laminopathies

Annaël Brunet, PhD - Computational genome modeling

Coen Campsteijn, PhD - Nuclear integrity

Erwan Delbarre, PhD -

Group Picture: Oslo, Norway. November 2016

Front row, from left to right:
Anita Sørensen, Senior Technician - Molecular Biology
Annael Brunet, PostDoc - Biophysics
Inswasti Cahyani, PostDoc - Molecular Biology
Sumithra Taraldsen – Admin Assistance
Kristin Vekterud – Senior Technician - Cell Biology
Torunn Rønningen - PostDoc - Molecular Biology
Back row, from left to right:
Nolwenn Briand, PostDoc - Cell Metabolism
Erwan Delbarre, Research Scientist - Cell Biology
Marie-Odile Baudement, PostDoc - Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics
Akshay Shah, PostDoc - Bioinformatics
Anna Kowala, ERASMUS student - Cell Biology
Philippe Collas, Professor and Group leader
Monika Sekelja, PostDoc - Bioinformatics
Jonas Paulsen, PostDoc – Bioinformatics
Kristina Ivanauskiené – PostDoc - Cell Biology
Anja Oldenburg, Research Scientist – Cell Biology
Frida Forsberg, PhD student - Cell Metabolism


Meet our team


Group Picture: Val d'Aran, Spain. September 2014


Anja Oldenburg, PhD – cell biology
Thomas Küntziger, PhD – cell biology
Odin Gramstad, PhD – mathematics
Jonas Paulsen, PhD – informatics
Eivind G. Lund, PhD – informatics
Andrew H. Reiner - bioinformatics
Akshay Shah, PhD - bioinformatics
Graciela Lopez Soop – cell biology
Jane Spirkoski – cell biology
Kristina Ivanauskiené – cell biology
Anita Sørensen – molecular biology
Kristin Vekterud – cell biology
Sumithra Taraldsen – admin assistance