About us

About us


The Collas lab is interested in discovering the features of 3-dimensional chromatin and nuclear architecture that are linked to the differentiation capacity of adipose stem cells

Team Leader

Prof. Philippe Collas

Project Leaders

Nolwenn Briand, PhD - Lipodystrophic laminopathies

Annaël Brunet, PhD - Computational genome modeling

Coen Campsteijn, PhD - Nuclear integrity

Thomas Sæther, PhD - Regulation of transcription

Erwan Delbarre, PhD - Histone variants

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Group Picture: Oslo, Norway. November 2016

Front row, from left to right:
Anita Sørensen, Senior Technician - Molecular Biology
Annael Brunet, PostDoc - Biophysics
Inswasti Cahyani, PostDoc - Molecular Biology
Sumithra Taraldsen – Admin Assistance
Kristin Vekterud – Senior Technician - Cell Biology
Torunn Rønningen - PostDoc - Molecular Biology
Back row, from left to right:
Nolwenn Briand, PostDoc - Cell Metabolism
Erwan Delbarre, Research Scientist - Cell Biology
Marie-Odile Baudement, PostDoc - Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics
Akshay Shah, PostDoc - Bioinformatics
Anna Kowala, ERASMUS student - Cell Biology
Philippe Collas, Professor and Group leader
Monika Sekelja, PostDoc - Bioinformatics
Jonas Paulsen, PostDoc – Bioinformatics
Kristina Ivanauskiené – PostDoc - Cell Biology
Anja Oldenburg, Research Scientist – Cell Biology
Frida Forsberg, PhD student - Cell Metabolism

Meet our team

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Group Picture: Val d'Aran, Spain. September 2014


Anja Oldenburg, PhD – cell biology
Thomas Küntziger, PhD – cell biology
Odin Gramstad, PhD – mathematics
Jonas Paulsen, PhD – informatics
Eivind G. Lund, PhD – informatics
Andrew H. Reiner - bioinformatics
Akshay Shah, PhD - bioinformatics
Graciela Lopez Soop – cell biology
Jane Spirkoski – cell biology
Kristina Ivanauskiené – cell biology
Anita Sørensen – molecular biology
Kristin Vekterud – cell biology
Sumithra Taraldsen – admin assistance

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