Nuclear lamina-transcription factor-microProtein interplay in cancer

Project participants

Aurélie Bellanger, Marie Rogne, Emily Martinsen, Mohamed Abdelhalim, Tasmia Jinnurine; collaborations with Jonas Paulsen, University of Oslo; Pioneer Research AS, Oslo; Erwan Delbarre (lab alumnus), Oslo Metropolitan University; David Tremethick, Australian National University, Canberra

Ongoing research

  • Nuclear lamin A/C and transcription factor dynamics in a breast cancer model of EMT
  • Relationship between the nuclear lamina, 3D genome organization and breast cancer progression to metastasis
  • Inhibition of transcription factors by microProteins in metastatic cancers
  • Histone variant H3.3K27M mutation and chromatin organization in pediatric glioblastomas (DIPGs)
  • Regulation of gene expression at the nuclear lamina

Recent findings