Processes underlying 3D genome conformation

Project participants

Thomas Germier, Julia Madsen Østerbye, Aurélie Bellanger, Mohamed Abdelhalim, Kristin Vekterud; collaborations with Jonas Paulsen (now at the Institute of Biosciences, University of Oslo), David Tremethick, Australian National University, Canberra, Erwan Delbarre (now at Oslo Metropolitan University), Lee H. Wong (Monash University, Melbourne) and Jacques Grill (Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris) 

Image: 3D structural model of the genome in a human fibroblast nucleus. Model generated using our Chrom3D software, from Hi-C and lamin ChIP-seq input data to infer chromosomal interactions and positioning of chromatin domains towards the nuclear periphery. Each chromosome is distinctly labeled.

Ongoing research

  • Interplay between genomic organizers such as the nuclear envelope, LADs and TADs on nuclear architecture in stem cells and cancer cells
  • Mechanism of formation and disassembly of TAD cliques
  • Role of histone variant H3.3 on the radial organization of chromatin
  • Computational methods for 3D genome modeling

Recent findings