Monthly Archives: March 2022

An updated description of our pipeline for modeling the 3D genome using Hi-C and LAD data (Chrom3D) is out

3D genome organization is shaped by dynamic interactions with multiple structures in the nucleus, affecting gene expression outcomes. Technological breakthroughs have generated vast datasets reflecting various aspects of nuclear genome architecture in space and time. This paper is a step-by-step guide on how to generate publication-ready integrated 3D genome models from (raw) Hi-C data and…
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New 5-year funding from the Transdiscipline Program of the Research Council of Norway to investigate the impact of adolescence sleep deprivation on adult metabolic health (SmartSense)

Obesity and bad sleep habits among teenagers are two rising health concerns that are intertwined. We have secured a 5-year funding to study how sleep deprivation during adolescence affects fat tissue development and the emergence of metabolic disorders later in life. To do this, we propose SmartSense, a new project resulting from the convergence of…
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