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Our newest paper on the LncRNA HOTAIR and adipogenesis is out!

The lncRNA HOTAIR is the most differentially expressed gene between upper- and lower-body adipose tissue, but its significance in adipogenesis is unclear. We report that HOTAIR expression is transiently induced during early adipogenic differentiation of gluteofemoral adipose progenitors and is repressed in mature adipocytes. Upon adipogenic commitment, HOTAIR regulates protein synthesis pathways and cytoskeleton remodeling…
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Check out our publication on LAD repositioning during adipogenic differentiation

Interactions of chromatin with the nuclear lamina via lamina-associated domains (LADs) confer structural stability to the genome. The dynamics of positioning of LADs during differentiation, and how LADs impinge on developmental gene expression, remains elusive. We examined changes in the association of lamin B1 with the genome in the first 72 h of differentiation of…
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Check out our two newest reviews on nuclear lamina-chromatin interactions

Biology and model predictions of the dynamics and heterogeneity of chromatin-nuclear lamina interactions. Julia Madsen-Østerbye et al. 2022. Frontiers Cell Dev Biol 10:913458. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2022.913458; Restructuring of Lamina-Associated Domains in Senescence and Cancer. Aurélie Bellanger et al. 2022. Cells 11:1846. doi: 10.3390/cells11111846;
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An updated description of our pipeline for modeling the 3D genome using Hi-C and LAD data (Chrom3D) is out

3D genome organization is shaped by dynamic interactions with multiple structures in the nucleus, affecting gene expression outcomes. Technological breakthroughs have generated vast datasets reflecting various aspects of nuclear genome architecture in space and time. This paper is a step-by-step guide on how to generate publication-ready integrated 3D genome models from (raw) Hi-C data and…
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