The 3D epigenetic control of the white / beige adipocyte identity

Project participants

Nolwenn Briand, Julia Madsen Østerbye, Natalia Galigniana, Negar Nahali, Sarah Hazel Pickering,  Mohamed Abdelhalim, Anita Sørensen, Kristin Vekterud; collaborations with Jonas Paulsen, Institute of Biosciences, University of Oslo; Owen Marshall, University of Tasmania, Hobart

Ongoing research

  • Chromatin conformation changes and transcription factor dynamics during white and beige adipogenesis, using human cell culture model
  • Interplay between the nuclear lamina, LADs and TADs in the differentiation of adipose stem cells
  • Regulation of gene expression at the nuclear lamina
  • Role of nuclear lamins on the white / beige lineage-specific differentiation of adipose stem cells
  • Computational methods for 3D genome modeling

Recent findings